Current Prayer Requests


Prayers of Thanksgiving that we found a great speech therapist and have all the major surgeries for a long time are behind us.

Previous and Answered: 

  • Prayers that the insurance company provides coverage for quality speech therapy, preferably the Speech Therapy office that works with children with clefts and our team at CHOC.

  • Prayers for Paige's comfort and healing. 
  • Prayers for rest and endurance for these tired parents
  • Prayers for Paige to have proper speech development now that her palate is repaired.
  • Prayers of Thanksgiving that her Palate repair and her ear tube replacement went very well.  
  • Prayers of Thanksgiving that we have access to one of the best hospitals in the World; one of the leading plastic surgeons in Orange County, and incredible insurance and support that made it all possible.
Prayer for upcoming Palate Surgery scheduled for December 12th.  

  • Please pray for Paige's ears to heal from infection so we can have her surgery on the newly rescheduled date and not have to postpone further.
  •  Prayers for Paige's comfort and healing. 
  •  Prayers for the anxiety and worry we might have as parents and family before during and after the surgery. 
  • Prayers for Dr. Sundine and his team to perform a wonderful repair with no need for follow up repairs.  
  • Thanksgiving for the incredible job that the surgeon did on her lip and the fast healing from her previous surgery.

Praise and thanksgiving that Paige's surgery was a success. 
Please pray for Paige's healing, suture removal, and for our patience and energy as we care for our little one.  We especially need prayers as we learn how to keep her nose stents in and taped on with minimal discomfort to her.  It has been very trying and difficult to intentionally inflict pain when putting them in her nostrils.