Sunday, December 5, 2010

Waiting for Baby Jesus and our own baby Paige....

What does it mean to be "ready" for the baby?  I have a place for her to sleep, little baby clothes washed and put least up to 3 months, diapers and wipes and the room is pretty much done.  I even had a stocking knit and few other things....just in case this year is her first Christmas.

It is an interesting time to be "with Child." Though I am no "Mother Mary,"  I can relate to anticipating the birth of a child during a very special time of year.  It is exciting...and makes me wonder whether Paige will choose to come before Christmas...or on it....or possibly my 31st birthday (12/27) or maybe New years...or maybe her daddy's Priestly Ordination, January 8th.  I was due on Christmas and my mom always talked about waiting for me to come....she had my cradle by the tree and hoped a little that I would wait my turn, so my older siblings could have a "normal" Christmas.  Well like I have always done...I followed directions and came two days after. 

Growing up with a Christmas birthday is interesting....People always ask if it sucked or if I always got one gift instead of two.  Sometimes I did, but some people would combine them and get me something much cooler than I would have got for one or the other.  A few years back I also realized that I get to see a lot more of my family around my birthday and many of them actually know when mine is versus many of my cousins born in more obscure months. what if I have had a birthday cake shaped like a tree or my present is wrapped in the only paper laying around that has Santa on it.  It makes the Christmas season that much more warm and bright in my eyes.    It never hurt that my mom always worked to make me feel special anyway...I even got a treat and small present for my half birthday, just so something cool happened half way through the year.  Hey, who better to share your birthday with than Jesus?

In many ways...I never wished the same fate upon my own child. It kinda just happened.  One thing I am realizing though is, it again makes this season even more special.  Even the air feels "pregnant" with hope and anticipation of something special to come.  My child's birth will always be instilled with yummy smells and beautiful lights.  I am excited to spend my early birthing time before going to the hospital in my living room with the lit Christmas tree and candles.  It is one of the most tranquil feelings in the world.  

We are having a baby...whether she has a cleft or not.  She is a little person already. Knit in my womb by God 99.9% and the doctors will stitch up the rest with God's guidance.  She is so greatly anticipated and already loved.  I can't imagine her coming at a more special time of year. It really is a blessing and a very special gift to bring her into this world.  


  1. Being "big pregnant" at Christmas is something wonderful! It heightened my Advent devotionals to a whole new level, being able to connect with Mary's journey of hoping & waiting to meet this promised blessing from the Lord.

    I love that you are celebrating the coming of Paige during this Advent and Christmas season! She is truly your best Christmas/b-day gift EVER!!

  2. Krista, I love your blog and pictures: interesting, informative, well-written.

    Two of my children were born during the Christmas season (Jim on 17, Ann on 13), and it seems to have worked out just fine. ... [But maybe I should ask how they feel about it!]

  3. I remember how wonderful it was to be expecting a Christmas baby (you) during this season and love your blog describing waiting for baby Paige.

  4. This is nicely written and a wonderful way to document the birth and care of the newest addition to our family!