Saturday, March 3, 2012

Give a Smile to a Special Child

Meet Judah...

A fellow cleft mommy, Ali and her adorable little one, Judah are raising money for Operation Smile. Like Paige, Judah recently had his surgery in a wonderful high-tech American Hospital and out of their gratefulness, his family hopes to raise enough for at least one surgery for a cleft child in need. It's incredible that through this organization it would only be $240 to give a smile to a beautiful child. We are so blessed to have access to the most amazing medical care in our country and my heart goes out to those areas where it is difficult to get the care for these children. The gift of a smile changes the life of that child in so many ways. I want to call all of Paige's friends, family and supporters to give in her and Judah's name and help them reach their small goal.  It would be awesome if we could blow it out of the water and pay for many more surgeries than just one. Thank you for your prayers, love and support.  Spread the word and raise awareness of how special and wonderful our cleft babies truly are.

Love this video of a little girl who has her repair done at age 4. Watch when her face light up when she see the results for the first time.
Operation Smile Video

We love seeing Judah grow and he captured our hearts from the start.  He had his surgery about a month ago and is really doing awesome.
See Ali and Judah's blog here-----> Our Journey with Judah

Judah pre-surgery

Post Surgery!

Healing so well!

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