Friday, June 1, 2012

Speech Therapy....Finally A clear answer!

We finally got a call from Paige's pediatrician in regards to getting her speech therapy with a qualified therapist who has experience with clefts.  He talked to a Medical Director of our insurance company and determined that we had coverage at our local hospital's Sports & Wellness Center for outpatient Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy if she might need it.  The "Sports & Wellness Center" wasn't quite where I expected to find this quality care, so I never even knew to look.  But I am so happy that after almost 6 months of searching and dozens and dozens of phone calls, somebody figured it out;  Proper communication happened and I very much appreciate our ped. for following through and making it happen.

Phil says "Dr. K is solid." And that he is.  I brought up my insurance woes again at Paige's appointment yesterday and he said, "She is an obvious candidate for speech therapy.  They have to provide it to her. Its an open and shut decision. Leave me the info I need and I will see what I can do."  I received a call about 5:45pm that same evening and he had done what no one else seemed to...gotten the real deal... a real workable and positive answer.  It may not be any of the three office that work with our Cleft Team but Paige will be getting the care she needs. Thanks to everyone who has offered advice, encouragement and prayer on this.  You guys are also "Solid."

Here are some recent pics of Paige for your enjoyment! She makes being a Toddler look like so much  fun!


  1. So very happy that you found a place for her speech therapy that's covered by insurance. Where there's a will, God shows you the way. Much love to all of you. Dorann

  2. This warms me to hear the good news!

  3. This is such good news and I am so glad that Dr K
    helped get this whole difficult process to a good outcome for Paige. Praise be to God!

    (Hope that you really like her speech therapist)

  4. Thanks be to God. So glad to hear it. She's just as cute as I remember.