Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paige's Surgery has been scheduled....

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Our days with our baby the way she came into this world are numbered.  I am nervous as a mother to have my daughter operated on and to see her in pain.  I can't imagine her mouth and her smile any other way.  I will miss her "wide" smile but I know she will still be our little girl with the bright blue eyes. 

Paige's lip and nose surgery is scheduled for April 4th, 2011 with Plastic Surgeon, Dr.  Sundine at Children's Hospital of Orange County, CHOC. He has been doing Cranio-facial surgeries such as these for 10 years and has done hundreds...He is very highly recommended by many people and professionals.

The surgery is scheduled and we are so grateful that the insurance just approved our choice of doctor.  Thank you for the prayers for the authorization to come through so easily.  Based on other's experiences we anticipated getting denied and fighting with multiple times of submitting the request to get the approval.  We got it on the first try! 

We appreciate all who have given us prayers and financial support. With this help we should be able to afford the first surgery and her previous ear tube surgery as well.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  


Dr.  Sundine says the surgery will be about 2 1/2 hours under general IV anesthesia. We are scheduled for 11:00am which means we have to stop feeding her at 7:00am.  We will stay in the hospital for one night and she should be able to drink from her bottle right after, but if it is too uncomfortable we can feed her with a syringe.  

When she wakes up she with have sutures and stints in her nose to keep the nostrils open.  Her arms will be held straight with braces called, "No-No's" for 3 weeks, so she will not interfere with her sutures or nose stints.  The stints are also in place so that her nose will heal even and scar tissue will not pull it tight and make it lop-sided again.  She will have to wear them almost all the time for 6 months.  We will have to message her scar and pull on her lip everyday, once it starts to heal, so the scar tissue won't build up and pull it upward.  He told us most kiddos hate this but the results are worth it

Her sutures will be removed under general mask anesthesia on April 11th, continued prayers over the next month or so would be greatly appreciated. Her palate will be fixed during a separate surgery around 10 months.  Revisions of the lip and nose will most likely be done when she has stopped growing in her late teens. She will be monitored for hearing and provided speech therapy as she grows.  She will also require a bone graft to her gumline around age 8 or 9 so her adult teeth have something to  anchor to. 

Cleft Palate Surgery Diagram

We have a long rode but the biggest part is right around the corner and we appreciate all the love and support we have received from you all. Please continue to pray for strength, wisdom and proper care of our sweet little girl.   


  1. I have put both dates on my calendar and will be sending extra special love and prayers on those days. :-*

  2. I can't wait to soak up a few more of those wide smiles tomorrow before her surgery on Monday.