Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The rule of 10 lbs and 10 weeks....

Paige weighed 10 lbs 10oz today!

When the nurse weighed her today he said 10 lbs 10 oz and my brain heard the same weight she was two weeks before, which was 9 lbs 10oz.....I thought she hadn't gained at all.  I was crushed.  I swore she was bigger.... she went from newborn diapers to size ones....outgrew some of her NB clothes and seemed like significantly more of a strain on my arms to hold.  He checked her chart and said....."No, she gained a pound!"  Now that is more like it!

That's one pound in two weeks and more than enough to be a healthy weight for anesthesia during her surgeries.  The rule for lip repair surgery for most children is that they must be at least 10 pounds and 10 weeks old.  For many cleft affected babies this is very difficult.  Their parents fret and worry about them eating enough to thrive and gain enough to have their surgeries.  We are so blessed that Paige is a good eater and my milk is nice and calorie rich.  She had a slow start and breastfeeding doesn't seem to be an option because she still doesn't have adequate suction, but she has started going to town on her bottles of breast milk.  

Her pediatrician says she is just right...making a nice curve in the 50th percentile.  Other than her ears and her cleft she is perfectly healthy in every way. 

Paige at Pediatricians office for 2 month check up :) 
and a vaccination :(

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